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Alex Showdra

Showdra Music Services Inc.

Alex Showdra has been making music for his entire life. From playing guitar with his grandfather at only three years old, to the numerous pop and rock bands in high school and post-secondary - music has always been a priority to him.

This passion led him to study music post-secondary and earn his Bachelor of Music in 2017 from Wilfrid Laurier University. During his time in school, Showdra had many opportunities to explore a plethora of musical styles. He has received numerous coachings and masterclasses from renowned musicians such as Remi Bouchez, Glenn Buhr, Jorge Caballero, the Canadian Guitar Quartet, Terry McKenna, the Penderecki String Quartet, and Pavel Steidl.

To this day, Showdra continues to work as a full-time musician and teacher in Southern Ontario. He teaches regularly throughout the week and will perform almost every weekend either with the Mudmen, Top Pocket or fronting his own pop group. A skilled engineer as well, Alex often records and produces for the groups he performs with as well as other clients. Far from a one-trick-pony, in 2018 Alex was featured as Banjo soloist with NYO Canada during their migrations tour. Showdra has also had the opportunity to aid in the creation of Balute Inc.’s educational module for their “Dijilele” product and is credited as an author. Recently, Showdra incorporated his business and is now operating as “Showdra Music Services Inc.”. Showdra’s business provides a multitude of musical services for hire like performance, teaching, production, and composition.





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